Old Factory Candles | Review

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Made from natural soy wax, Old Factory Candles are hand poured in the US. They retail for $25 on Amazon and come in a wide variety of scents. Each box comes with three 2 ounce candles (they're quite small, btw).

I received these candles for review from Old Factory via Brandbacker.

I chose Happy Holidays which includes Candy Cane, Gingerbread, and Christmas Tree. They have a lot of options. Like, a lot a lot, and some are scents you wouldn't quite find in your local Bath and Body Works. They even had a High as a Kite one, and I'll let your imagination figure out what the scents were (that option is no longer available).

Current scents are:
New Born Baby-  Baby Powder, First Blanket, Baby Shampoo
Coffee Shop- Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
Fall Harvest- Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Autumn Leaves
Fresh & Clean- Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen
Happy Holidays- Candy Cane, Gingerbread, and Christmas Tree
50 Shades- Leather, Jasmine Bubbles, Vanilla Sex
Man Cave- Straight Razor, Leather, Mahogany
Romance- Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate
Spa Day- Cucumber, Lemongrass, Green Tea
Vacation- Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi

Candy Cane:
This is the one I was most excited for. I love the smell of peppermint, and there's nothing I want more than to have my whole home smell like mint. Finding a plain peppermint scent is difficult since it always seems to be paired with chocolate (like peppermint bark). Imagine my excitement when I saw this as one of the scents.

Unfortunately it wasn't up to par. It had this strange almost plastic smell when it was burning. Not burning plastic. I think that's the soy, but I'm not sure. There was a hint of peppermint though, but the other smell was too overpowering, and I ended up blowing it out shortly after lighting it. The hunt continues!

Christmas Tree:
This scent never was one of my favorites. I consider it one of those staple Christmas scents (along with cinnamon). But, for some reason I never was a huge fan. But the scent is so light an airy it's nice. It's not over powering, and for some that may not be a good thing, but for me it was perfect. I'll be burning this one for a while. That is, as long as I don't continue to have to fight with the wick (not the company's fault. Some wicks are temperamental). It is true to scent, though.

My favorite of the bunch. It's your typical cookie scent, and easily the strongest one of the bunch.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed. For the price I expected a bit more for the price, but they are hand poured with natural ingredients, and the jar is adorable. At first I couldn't get the wax to burn evenly, but that seems to be the case with a lot of single wick candles. I let it sit for a while, rotating the jar every so often so that the flame was blowing in a different direction (yes I have a ceiling fan going in December. That's the Florida lifestyle for you), and that seemed to do the trick. Much better than the little Avon candles, which made me angry.

They do burn clean! Soy candles mean that there won't be any sooty residue left over on the jar, and that's true. 

The wick is self trimming, and are stated to last for over to 20 hours. I'm still working on that burn time, so I'll get back to you if I continue to keep track.

Do I recommend them? That's tough to say. The combinations are interesting enough that if I had the $25 lying around I would try out some of the other scents. It is a good gift idea (not just for the holidays), since there are three different scents in the package. But off of my experience, personally I'm not jumping on Amazon to purchase a set. But that's me, I've seen that a lot of other people have fallen in love with the brand. The almost 5 star rating proves that.

If you've tried these let me know what your experience was.

Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

Samples provided by Old Factory Candles 
Powered by Brandbacker

Let's Talk About Brands: Zoya

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Earlier in the year I made a post featuring the famed nail polish brand Essie. I figured it was time to resume the series with one of my favorites: Zoya.

Brief history:
Zoya is a brand under a company called The Art of Beauty. The Art of Beauty was founded in 1986 and in addition to Zoya, the company houses Qtica, Smart Spa, and Zoom (quick dry top coat and their "Callus Action Quick Gel"). Each nail polish is inspired and named after a real woman, the first being Carmen. A few years ago Zoya began dabbling into the lip gloss market with Hot Lips.

As far as wear goes Zoya has to be the best brand for me. I have a decent amount, but being as it's not as readily available as OPI, China Glaze, and Essie, my collection isn't as large as I would like it to be. I do participate in their annual Earth Day sale ($4 regular polish, $5 Pixi Dust).

They probably have about every color you could imagine, and close to every finish. From creams to jellies, to Pixi Dust and matte, Zoya is no stranger to variety.

I have never caught Zoya recycling shades like I've seen in OPI and Essie (if you know of an instance, please do let me know!). Each color seems to be unique to the name assigned.

Some of my favorite shades: Cassi, Tomoko, Phoebe, and Julie.

Under the Qtica Smart Spa brand you can find scrubs, lotions, and masks in a variety of scents and sizes for a professional like manicure and pedicure. Qtica is described as "intense therapy" featuring quick drying drops, cuticle repair balm, growth stimulator, and even a lip repair balm (and they're not as expensive as you would think).

I really can't express how much I love the brand. I don't buy from them often, usually about once a year, but whenever I do I'm always pleased with the product I receive.

You can find Zoya at select nail salons, Ulta, and online via their website (look out for deals! They have them frequently).


Empties #4

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

 I know what you're thinking: "you've been silent for four months and you only managed to finish off five products?" Well, no. There are several more, but these are the ones worth mentioning. Trust me, my opinion on my shampoo (boring Herbal Essence) isn't interesting at all. Or toothpaste. I mean, if you want a review on those boring bits I'm happy to oblige, but I figured you'd want an update, since most of these have a blog post dedicated to it.

Let's see, there are two PR samples present (no FTC, I haven't forgotten about your rules. I may be a forgetful blogger, but I am a compliant one): Burt's Bees Cream Cleanser and The Body Shop Body Scrub. The rest was purchased by me. Onto the reviews!

CO Bigelow Mentha Body wash: I used to be addicted to this stuff. The way it left the whole house smelling like peppermint, and my skin tingling and cold. Seriously, do not use this stuff in the winter. You will regret it the moment you step out of the bathroom. It took me a while to finish this bottle off (maybe two years?), but not for lack of trying. I swap body washes out here and there, so this stuff kind of kept getting put on the back burner.

Will I repurchase? One of these days. It's a staple product that I love. 
$12.00 through Bath & Body Works

Mark Help Wanted: Probably the saddest product on here. I loved it. Loved the smell, loved the results, pretty much everything about it. Sadly, it's been discontinued.

Will I repurchase? Can't =( So sad

The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub: I blogged about this product a while back, and I'm happy to report that my opinion has not changed. Soft skin, great scent, what's not to love? It's fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

Will I repurchase? I already have =) along with the body butter.
Retails for $20 at the Body Shop's website and in stores.

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser: I'm going to sound like a Mary Kay spokesperson for a minute, but ever since I started the Clear Proof system I haven't have much problems with dry skin or excess oil. On those off days this cleanser is great, but I don't like using multiple cleansers at one time. It's great for those once in a while uses when my skin is feeling a bit dry, and it really does work. For me, the lotion works just as well, especially if applied at night before I go to bed.

Will I repurchase? Maybe, but probably not.
Retails for $18 at Target.

Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub: This little bugger was a pain to use up. I had to push really hard for the product to some out, and eventually I gave up. It's not 100% finished, but I'm done with it. Like I said in my review it's a normal scrub, and its gimmick is the warming sensation. That's the only thing that separates this product from the rest. 

Will I repurchase? No. It's been discontinued, and even if it wasn't I still would but it again.
I don't see it on the website anymore, but I do remember that it was fairly expensive for the amount.

This post contains product sent for review
All opinions are my own

Venique "Be Brilliant" | Swatch and Review

Friday, October 3, 2014

Venique Be Brilliant BioMega

The one coat wonders are back! These lovelies appeared at my door unexpectedly a while back for review purposes and after playing around with them and wearing them on and off for the past few months I now have time to review them.

The collection "Be Brilliant" was inspired by the hair product of BioMega. I'm not familiar with BioMega, so I can't speak much on accuracy, but I can say that the colors are beautiful!

Also, super exciting, Venique is now available to consumers! You may remember in my previous post about the brand that were exclusive to professionals unless you browsed sights like Amazon or Ebay. Now their nail polishes are available to purchase through Loxa Beauty. They retail for $8, which is a really nice price considering the quality.

Venique Up Your GLOW
Up Your GLOW

First off is Up Your GLOW. It's a pinkish-purple cream. Now out of the six Venique nail polishes I have, this is the only one that can use two coats. You can get away with one, but when you look at it closely it's clear that it could use a second coat. Though a thicker coat would rectify the situation, but if you're more into thinner coats I'd think about adding a second. Above is two coats.

Venique Best BEHAVR-ior
Best BEHAVR-ior
It's a matte! A one coat mate! I was surprised when I applied this one for the first time, I wasn't expecting it to be matte. It's a beautiful blue with a hint of green shimmer in it that's not quite as noticeable when it's in its natural matte state, but definitely shines when a top coat is put on.

I'm glad it's one coat, it makes applying a nail polish in a rush an easy thing to do.

My only gripe with this, and it seems to be a trend with blues, is that it has the tendency to stain your nails. Base coat is a must with this one.

Venique Up All NIGHT, Party Till Dawn
Up All NIGHT, Party Till Dawn
 My favorite nail polish form the "Be Brilliant" collection, Up All NIGHT, Party Till Dawn is a metallic purple that is a dream to apply. Removal is simple, no fuss. Wear is good, pretty standard among the brand. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that they're one coat, and don't need a glob of nail polish to be opaque.

Comparison, Up All Night, Party Till Dawn and Sleepy Slippers
The first thing I noticed is its similarity to another Venique nail polish I own. I pulled both polishes out for a comparison, and luckily they're not too similar. Where UAN, PTD is a purple metalic, Sleepy Slippers is a pinkish silver metalic. They're similar, but not exact.

Overall, I'm really beginning to like the brand. The quality is fantastic, the colors beautiful.

*All roducts provided for review

Thought I forgot about you all, huh?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grab yourself a slice of cake, and enjoy Adore A Polish's third birthday! I know, I've been a bad blogger and haven't been updating this summer. Excuses are excuses, and I won't bother you with them. What's important is that I plan on getting back into blogging.

I want to post at least twice a month, with a goal of one a week. Consider this the blog's birthday gift to you. I have several posts lined up and scheduled, so hopefully I'll be able to stick with it. If not, you're more than welcome to yell at me =)

Like last year I went through my posts from the past year and picked my favorites:
- Zoya Pixi Dust in Tomoko may possibly be my favorite/weirdest nail polish of the year. There's a close second, but I love this shade so much.
- In my first "let's talk about brands" post, I went over Essie and my love for the brand with a bit of history added in.
- Runner up for my favorite nail polish of the year: Essie Resort Fling. Beautiful shade that I can't resist putting on my nails over and over again.
- I still have an obsession with my Kate Spade Small Leslie, or Kate Spade in general. I haven't been using it much lately, but it's still a favorite.
- I was also glad to expand my brush collection this year with the iFabbo sampled Crown brushes. I use the crease blender religiously.

Lastly, last year's birthday post.
 For me, blogging is a wonderful hobby. Having the ability to share my opinions openly with an array of people is therapeutic, in a way. It's a way of expression. I know I may not be the most organized, or up to date bloggers, but I'm glad that I have people like you, the reader, to share my thoughts with. So, thank you. To each and every one of you, I thank you all for sticking with me through these bursts of nothingness. It means the world to me. ❤︎

To think it all goes back to that first post...

Zoya Pixi Dust Tomoko | Talk and Swatch

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Zoya Tomoko

Zoya Tomoko

This year I managed to pick up 6 nail polished during the Zoya Earth Day sale, and one of them is a Pixi Dust. This is the first time they were added to the sale, and it was half off like the rest of Zoya's polishes ($5). I figured, why not? I'm not normally a texture fan, the concept is a bit strange to me (I blame the furry nails trend from a while back), but I figured: why not?

The shade I picked was Tomoko, and seriously this has been on my nails for the better part of the past month (basically since I received it in the mail).

I was shocked while I was wearing it. I expected it to have the lasting power of a matte polish since you're not supposed to put on a top coat as it ruins the effect. I was wrong. There was hardly any wear and tear, and lasted two weeks before I decided to remove it.

Second thing I was wrong about: I expected removal to be on the level of glitter polish. It was fairly easy. The textured bits didn't pull and get caught on the cotton ball, and it came off easier than I expected. It was a bit harder than normal creams and shimmers, but so much easier than it's glittery cousin.

One thing I was right about: it dries fast, pretty much similar to how fast a matte polish dries (again with the comparisons). It does smooth out overtime, though.

Easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to move. I like it =) I can't speak for any of the other brands versions – I know Essie and China Glaze have one, and I think OPI does too – but for my first (yes, first) textured nail polish I am pleasantly surprised. Is it worth the $10 price when it's not on sale? It's a bit pricey, but if you want one I can say it's going to last. I plan on picking a few more during next year's Earth Day sale if I can.

What do you think about textured nail polish? I'm a little late to the game, mostly on purpose, but I'm curious what you all think.

Studio Gear CC Cream in Linen | Review

Friday, April 25, 2014

Studio Gear CC Cream in Linen

I received the Studio Gear CC Cream in the shade Linen for review purposes from Brandbacker (a full page worth of explanation soon to come). I did a survey a while ago to get a small sample (no review necessary), and when I saw that the full sized version was available I jumped at the chance since the sample size was a shade too dark for me.

There are three shades: Linen, (pictured) Natural, and Wheat. It has an SPF of 20 (yay!). It's said to be non-oily, prevents fine lines, and is supposed to restore skin elasticity (no idea how to test that).

I've been wearing this foundation for a while now, and first off I want to say at how impressed I am with how well it held up. I'd say it's light to medium coverage, and blends easily. My skin has been quite dry lately which has become a problem since almost all of my foundations are for oily/combination skin. I had heard that CC creams are usually for dryer skin types, and as someone who is used to oily skin this had me worried.

The dry patches were not made more noticeable when I had the foundation on, and my skin (usually I look at my forehead) was oil-free as far as I could tell. I did not use a powder over the foundation.

The wear, as I said earlier, was better than expected. I do a lot of running around/walking up and down steps at my part time job, and this foundation held up pretty well.

Studio Gear CC Cream in Linen

The above is a picture of how the foundation comes out of the bottle like some other products you've heard (think Almay Smart Shade) it starts off white and the color comes out when it's rubbed on the skin.

I use a typical amount. Not too much, but I can't use it sparingly or else there simply isn't enough. It's not too liquidity.

Overall: I really like the Studio Gear CC Cream. I feel as though it could be used by most skin types. The longevity, color, and overall quality is something that I like. My major gripe is that there is currently only three colors. If you are super super pale Linen may be too dark (it was riding that fine line for me), and if you have a dark skin tone Wheat may be too light.

Studio Gear CC Cream retails for $34 (1fl oz) and can be found online. You can get 10% off using the code bloggercc through their website.

Have you ever tried a CC cream? If so, which is your favorite?

Sample provided for review

Updates and Stuffs

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello hello! Long time no see. It's been what, 3 weeks? I don't even remember why I didn't post anything in those first two weeks (probably lack of motivation and nothing to write). But last week I unexpectedly had to stay the week at a friend's house for work reasons and therefor all of my things were not with me (seriously. I had only planned to stay 2 days and it turned out to be the whole week).

You forgive me, right? I gave you a picture of a bunny as a peace offering. That's Emma. Don't let her cuteness fool you. She's evil.

I hope to have a few blog posts up soon; some spring related posts, reviews, and maybe some random bits.

I did want to mention that I will no longer be doing anymore book related posts, and eventually I will go through and delete the wrap ups. This is a "business" decision that I hope will be worth it in the end. <--Confused, huh? Sorry =( Super secret stuff that doesn't really have to be a secret. I'm just thinking ahead.

I think that's all the updates I have for today. See you guys soon!

Essie Resort Fling | Swatch

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Essie Resort Fling

I never saw myself wearing a peach nail color. I always felt like it didn't go well with my skintone. Then I saw Resort Fling. It reminds me of Zoya Cassi, but without the shimmer and leans a little bit on the orange-y side.

Resort Fling is part of the new Resort Collection by Essie. It's a peachy creme shade that leans on the coral side.

I've been wearing it for the past week, and I am loving it. It's perfect for spring, and a good color to bring into summer.

My only complaint with Resort Fling is that it took me three coats to get to a finish that could be considered opaque. Other than, it's great. Just expect to use a little bit more.

What are your favorite spring shades? Have you picked up a shade from the Essie Resort collection?

Loving Lately №5

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I've been pretty mute lately, and I'm sorry for that. Honest answer: I have no idea what to blog about. It's not a slump, technically, it's just that I can't come up with a topic to blog about. I'm trying. I have a feeling that there are going to be a few nail polish posts coming up (spring colors are my favorites). Anyways, that's not what you guys care about.

No one should be surprised to see two of these products. I mentioned that I've been using the Clinique Stay Matte foundation ($23) and the Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights ($11) in the shade Bare Light everyday that I wear makeup. It's just a phenomenal combination. I have never been so pleased with a foundation as I am with Stay Matte, and the PhotoReady Skinlights just helps neutralize redness.

In my desperation to find a concealer at Target a month of so ago I broke up the monotony with one of their Jumbo Lip glosses. I picked up what I thought was the prettiest shade- Pink Umbrellas. I've been reaching for this more than any other lip product. I love the shade, and it's more opaque than I expected. The amount of product you get is similar to similar items by Covergirl or Revlon. I think it's worth it, I just wish they had a wider variety.

For the past two, maybe even three, months I have had Essie The Lace is On on my toes nonstop. I take it off, and put it right back on. It's one of those shades that I latch onto for months.

Non pictured is my Burt's Bees lip balm which I had to buy after my lips became ridiculously dry. It's the only thing that can fix that problem, and no amount of EOS, or Chapstick, applications could come close. They're nice, but I really did miss my one true lip balm love.

I'm addicted, what can I say?

Foundation Routine

Thursday, February 20, 2014

As I mentioned in yesterday's post I ran out of a lot of the same products at the same time. I really needed to replenish my stock, especially in the concealer department (I've been using an ELF concealer that isn't quite what I wanted it to be. I.e. it's pretty bad).

I went to my local Cosmetic Company Store at the outlet mall hoping that they would have the Clinique Acne Solutions. Unfortunately they didn't, which may have been for the best since they seem to have mostly darker shades in stock for the more popular lines. I decided to pick up the Stay Matte ($23/$16.5 at the outlet) in the lightest shade (Linen).

I tend to have a lot of redness, and after reading in countless posts on Gh0stparties that the Revlon Photoready Skinlights ($11) in the shade Bare Light helps reduce redness, I decided to give it a go. I apply this after moisturizing using my fingers. And you know what? Kate was right. It does neutralize the redness beautifully.

Then I grab my blender (discontinued) from Avon, wet it, and apply the Clinique Stay Matte foundation. This and the Skinlights is a fantastic combination, I think. My skin has never looked so natural, and flawless. For the moment I feel as though I've found the holy grail.

Depending on my mood I'll apply my new concealer; Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up in Porcelain ($10), under my eyes. It's not a 100% fix for my dark circles, but it's the best that I've found so far. I really like it, actually. I use an ELF Concealer ($1) brush to apply.

Lastly, if I remember, I grab my Real Techniques brush and apply my Guerlain Meteorites.

All of these products work together really well. It's as if they were made for each other. What products do you have that are like two peas in a pod?

Empties #3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For some reason all of my products like to run out at the same time. Two foundations, 4 concealers (one not shown. It's gone MIA), and a few things that aren't pictured such as two bottles of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner. One of those months, I suppose. I actually have a few products that are nearing their last leg, so expect another one empties post before summer hits.

I finally managed to use up my Origins Checks and Balances. I loved it from the moment it was used up, and I'm sad to see it go. I do plan on repurchasing it in the future, but right now I think I want to explore Origin's range to see what else they have to offer.

This is my second bottle of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. It gives off a lighter coverage, and doesn't do much for the redness in my skin which is actually what I'm focusing on. I think I'm finally going to move on from this product. Fun fact: it was the first foundation I ever tried. The other foundation, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, is fantastic. I actually fell in love with it when I pulled it out of my drawer where it had been sitting for several months. It masks some redness, and gives a beautiful finish when I use it with a sponge. I was quite sad to see it go. I definitely plan on repurchasing this again.

I was less than impressed by the Avon Brightening Concealer. Sometimes with these types of products I think they need to take the word "concealer" out since it really doesn't do much concealing. The sponge on the Maybelline Age Rewind didn't concern me when I bought it as much as it does now. It gave decent coverage, but the shade became too dark for me as winter crept in. I'm on the look out for something better. What disappointed me the most about the Loreal True Match concealer is how quickly I ran through it. It worked well, a bit drying, but overall I liked it. I just felt I didn't get my money's worth when all was said and done.

I didn't finish the Mark Lash All You Want, but it just doesn't smell right, so into the trash it goes.

For some reason the Sally Hansen Vita Surge just didn't do it for me. It seems like one of those gimmicky products. I'm interested to see if anyone has actually noticed a difference with it.

Do you run out of the same products at the same time?

Let's Talk About Brands: Essie

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Note: this is only about half of my actual Essie collection
I have been seeing a few posts on brands popping up lately, more specifically Essiebutton and The Small Things Blog. I thought about marrying the two together, and talking specifically about nail polish brands. I actually have been wanting to do this for a while now (ever since I posted my bazaar stereotyping post). No idea why I didn't actually make the posts.

Basically I'm going to give a little bit of history behind the company (just the basics), and then go on about my thoughts on the colors, the company, and information like that. Basically it's going to be a review on the brand.

First brand that I am going to feature is Essie. It's the first brand that I bought when I was getting back into nail polish after throwing out all of my old and dried up bottles. Also it was one of the first brands I talked about on this blog. I figured it was a fantastic way to start off this little series.

Here's a brief overview of the company: One of the most loved brands stepped out of professional salons and into public stores in 2010 when the founder, Essie Weingarten sold the company to L'Oreal. She started the company in 1981. Essie nail polishes come in a variety of colors, and include a few very popular shades such as Mint Candy Apple, Nice is Nice, and Cute as a Button.


I love the company. From the adorable bottles that always seem to be so photogenic, to the formula of the various shades. I find that with companies different shades wear better than others, but Essie is pretty consistent as far as quality goes.

I can typically get a lot of wear out of Essie colors, with and without a top coat (though nothing compares with Zoya, but that's for another day). As with makeup, how well a brand is going to work for you depends on the oils, and makeup of your skin/nails. But, Essie is one of those brands that I see *most* people enjoying. It deserves the hype.

Previously Essie was put in this box of pastels, and pinks, and safe colors. They do those shades really well, and have some of the most classic pastels out there (such as Mint Candy Apple and Ballet Slippers, which is Her Majesty's favorite). We have seen the brand doing more trendy shades with their metallics, textured nails, Luxeeffects (glitter top coat), Repstyle (basically looks like snake skin), and even nail stickers.

I am a bit jealous of the UK wince they have the diffusion line of Essie. If you haven't heard of it before; it's sold at Boots and offers 70 of Essie's most popular shades and swaps out the brush that we are most familiar with, and gives them a wider brush (similar to OPI's). That needs to be everywhere, I think.

Essie just isn't about their shades. Oh no, they offer a wide variety of nail care. From cuticle cream, to your basic top/base coat, to products that meet your specific needs. And that side of Essie is only growing stronger by the year.

They have various ongoing collections such as their Resort collection, Wedding, and of course seasonal.

One thing that I noticed early on in my blogging career is the difference in their bottles. Some have a sticker on top and on the side, while others have an "e" embossed on the top of the cap. I wont go into detail here, but here is my explanation from 2011 Kristina (please excuse the poor quality of photos): Drugstore V. Salon Bottles.

Some of my favorite shades: Chinchilly, The Lace is On, Bikini So Teeny, Madison Ave-Hue, and Off the Shoulder (all pictured above).

Psst. I have caught Essie recycling shades and giving them a new name. Not a huge deal, but it can be a problem if you see a shade you like only to come home and find out you have it in the same brand but with a different brand. I've seen OPI do this too.

A picture of Olivia and my Essie bottles since I can't seem to take a blog photo without her getting involved.
Essie can be found in a wide variety of places in stores such as CVS, Wallgreens, Target (though I don't see it at Walmart), online on their site as well as many other retailers. They are also available world-wide in many different countries.

If this one goes over well, I may do a few more over the next few months with Julep, OPI, Zoya, and a few more brands that I've had the chance to dabble in. Let me know if there's one you would like to see next!

What are your favorite Essie shades?

Zim's Max-Freeze and Crack Creme | Review

Friday, January 31, 2014

Zim's Max-Freeze for feet Zim's heels and feet Crack Creme

I received these samples for review a little bit ago, and I've been trying them out off an on since then. I feel confident on my opinions, so this will be a pretty quick review.

The first product I tried out, and was eager to test, was the Zim's Heels and Feet Crack Creme$6.99 (4.8 oz bottle). The bottle states that it is a "natural herbal formula with Ariginine, Arnica and Aloe for dried, cracked, and tired feet." I don't have cracked feet, but were a teensy bit dry. I didn't notice much of a distance. Perhaps I don't have the correct problem that this particular product is looking to correct. Either way, not my favorite. I prefer my Julep lotion over this one, which pains me to say because I'm almost out of it.

The scent is difficult to describe. It definitely has that herbal hint to it, but not much aloe. It may not suit some people, but it doesn't bother me. The texture is creamy, and almost a watery consistency, so a little bit goes a long way. I recommend shaking the bottle before use. Maybe it'll work for you, but for me it just didn't do the job I needed it to.

On the other hand, I was very pleased with the Zim's Max-Freeze for feet- $9.99 (4 fl oz spray can). Spray it on, and your pain is meant to go away. It leaves behind a cooling sensation with no residue. It boosts that it includes organic ilex, aloe and arnica, vitamin e and tea tree oil (I do love tee tree oil). It can be used anywhere on the body, as expected. My husband used it on his knees, and said that it helped a lot (he has knee problems).

The claim is true; it does have 360 degree spray. The menthol is a kicker though. It'll get you as I learned when I was testing the spray claim. It's strong. It does the job. I really like it, and recommend it.

Zim's products are available online, and in store at your local drug store (for US, I'm not sure about international).

This post includes two pr samples:
Zim's Max-Freeze and Zim's Crack Creme

Wish Wish Wish

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wish Spring on the horizon, though let's face it I live in Florida so it's pretty much already here, I think it's time to improve my makeup collection. I've been lusting after most of these products for a while, and I think it's time to take the plunge.
1. Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer - $13
2. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup- $27
3. Laura Geller Spackle Primer in Bronze- $30
4. Origins GinZing Moisturizer- $27
5. Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer- $10
I think they're all going to make a difference. I may not get both primers, but I have tried the Laura Geller one, and I loved it. There are a lot of lip products that have been released, but I think I'm going to stay away for fear that I may want them all.

What have you been wanting lately?

Avon Smudge Corrector | Review

Monday, January 20, 2014

Avon Smudge Corrector

First thing I want to say is that this particular product isn't currently on the Avon website. Avon likes to take items off the site and then put them back on at a different time. This is the type of product that I would see some Reps carrying on hand, and keeping in stock. Also if you have a local flea market, check it out. I know the one close to me has a few venders that sale Avon. Ebay and Amazon are also an option.

Other than little disclaimer (do I also need to mention that this isn't mine, it's actually my mom's?), we can talk about the product!

It a simple concept. You smudge your nail polish, and you apply a coat or two of this top coat-esque formula to your nails and viola! Smudge be gone.

I applied two coats to my middle finger, as that is where I managed to smudge my nail polish the other day. It was quite difficult to capture the smudge, but I think you can tell where the smudge is. It does have to dry, like a top coat, so you will have to careful after using it so you don't smudge it.

Avon Smudge Corrector

Avon Smudge Corrector

I was impressed at how well it actually worked. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, to be honest. Smudge correcting was one of the things that I liked Seche Vite for, and what made it stand out of the crowd against other nail polishes. 

After the two coats dried I did notice that the smudge is slightly visible, though it looks like a small dimple is on my nail, and that isn't even noticeable unless you know it's there, and you're looking for it. I couldn't even capture it on camera. I don't think it would cover and fix a larger smudge, but I think it would make it better. Definitely a better option than starting over, if you ask me.

Also, I'm quite pleased with the shine it adds. It's much glossier than the top coats I've been using, which is just an added bonus that I wasn't expecting.

Are there a lot of smudge corrector products out there? Aside from Seche Vite, I can't think of any. I wouldn't be surprised if Sally Hansen has one, maybe OPI, but other than that I'm at a loss.

Either way, it's a good product, not a complete fix, but a good option if it was ever needed. It'll improve on most smudges, I believe, but not all. I remember using this a while back on a smudge on my thumb, and it didn't do much. It's kind of hit or miss. In this particular case, it made a major improvement.

Bedside Nail Essentials

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bedside Nail Essentials Avon OPI Nail Envy Sally Hansen Cuticle

Bedside Nail Essentials Avon OPI Nail Envy Sally Hansen Cuticle

It should come to no one's surprise that I keep an empty candle jar full of nail care supplies on my nightstand. I really like having these products close by so that they're easy to reach, and quite frankly lately it's the only reason I remember to use any of the cuticle products.

I do keep my OPI Nail Envy in the jar. I usually take off my nail polish while sitting on the bed, and then I immediately apply the Nail Envy. It's a life saver for my nails, and acts as a base coat. I also keep two top coats for the simple reason that this seems to be the only place I don't lose them. Both by Avon. One is a Color Shield Top Coat $4, and the other is a UV Gloss Guard $6.50. They're not the best top coats out there, but they do the job.

I have three cuticle products; Avon Green Tea Cuticle Serum, Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel (which is on its last leg), and Julep Essential Cuticle Oil $18 (I tend to reach for this one less often). I don't notice a huge change with any of these products, but I like to think they're helping.

The last thing I have is the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik. This is what I have been using to replace the Revlon Quick Dry, and I'm still loving it. Target is actually stocking it now (figures, right?), but I'm going to stick with this bottle as it's less greasy. It does wonders for my manicure, and dries the polish pretty darn quick. A staple for when I apply my nail polish.

The jar is an empty Bath and Body Works candle jar. I like using these because I already have them, and it's so much cheaper than buying containers.

Do you keep any nail care items on your bedside table?