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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One. Coat. Wonders. First words about these nail polishes that you will hear grace my lips. I'm not talking one coat is yo apply just a teensy bit more polish than normal, no. I mean opaque like you just emptied the bottle. But you didn't, because you found this little baby.

One coat wonders are underrated, in my opinion. I mean, how fantastic is it to cut the nail drying time AND use less polish? Amazing, let me tell you. That's why I always try and relish my OCWs, and will keep a special place in my nail polish filled heart.

Too dramatic? Maybe. Or maybe this is Venique's way. When the offer to sample these lovelies graced my e-mail, I'll be honest, I was skeptical. But, when I realized that we are in an age where nearly everything is available via internet and UPS, it shouldn't be too difficult to locate these for yourself.

I did a quick search and found a bunch on Amazon and eBay. I'm sure there are other places, but I didn't do to much of an extensive search through the interwebs.

Sleepy Slippers
No chip count: 5 days with top coat, chipping was minimal.

This is my favorite color in the bunch, and the first one that I tried. Sleepy Slippers is a silver metallic shimmer that tends to lean more on the purple side.

Up To My Knees
No chip count: 1 day for the first application (no top coat), and 4 days for the second application.

Up To My Knees is a is a copper metallic with bits of silver and gold shimmer. It's beautiful on the nails, and really compliments my skin tone. Easily the most wearable color that probably would look great on any skin tone.

B-utiful Bold
No chip count: 1 day first application (with top coat)

B-utiful Bold is the color that I was a bit skeptical about. In my experience colors like this tend to be a bit streaky on the first coat. This is where Venique's formula really shines. Not only did it require only one coat, but it also remained streak free. I did notice that it needed a bit more product than the other two (but then again metallics usually are easy to apply on their own), but nothing too bad. It's a bright pink color with a hint of red to it. The above picture is a pretty accurate representation of the true color. As close as I could get it, any way. Brights tend to be a bit difficult to photograph.

Either way, if you do see this brand in a salon check it out. The formula is fantastic, and the colors are beautiful. I wish nail polish like this was more readily available, but sometimes it's nice to have a little treat when entering a salon. They're definitely worth it, in my opinion. Not to mention if you add in the little fact that this is the age of the internet, and nearly anything is at your fingertips, a quick check out away.

How do you feel about nail professional exclusives? Do you think they hold a candle higher than your retail brand, or are they about the same?

PR Sample provided for review

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