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Friday, July 12, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cerulean

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cerulean

I figured that it was about time I do an updated version. It's been about a year, and a lot has changed. This is my second Mini Mac, my other being a straw/raffia texture. I knew when I received that one that I wanted another, mainly because of the material. I wanted one that I didn't have to be careful with, and i loved the style. When I saw this purse on sale at Zappos.com I jumped on it.

This Mini Mac is in the color Cerulean and is coated canvas with leather detailing and silver hardwear. One of these days I'll get an all leather one, but it is not this day. I originally wanted the style so I could wear it as a park bag, but since my husband and I let our passes expire (we thought we were going to buy a house, good thing we didn't since we may move further south for his work), I used it every day. That kind of wear is not doing the straw any good. If it gets ruined, that's it. There is no repair that I can do.

What's the logical thing for a purse obsessed girl to do? Buy another! If you compare the contents from my last What's in my Purse (park edition) you will see that pretty much everything has changed, and it's not as full as it was. For comparisons sake, we know mow much I love to compare things, here's my first What's in my Purse. Side note, I had no idea I did those two so close to each other.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac contents

The main interior of this bag has two pockets on the back side of the bag. Both of which fit phones. If you saw any videos on Youtube about the bags, you probably noticed them saying it doesn't fit phones. Well, now they do! It fits my Blackberry Z10 with minor top bulge. My phone is slightly taller than an iPhone 5, so those will probably fit a bit better. In the other pocket I fit whatever lip products I'm carrying for the day, my lady products, and my pill case.

I also have eye drops (for contacts, if that matters). My wallet is really slim. My Kate Spade one did not fit with the above contents, so I had to downsize to my very old Vera Bradley one. That one is close to 5 years old at this point, and holding up great.

Also, something that I wanted to point out is that my iPad Mini fits. It doesn't slide in like it would a larger bag, and only works without a case, although I'm sure the Smart Cover would work. If I place it in without anything inside in a diagonal way (one corner down first) the other side can be easily pushed in. It can be removed just as easily. It's snug, but not too bad. It fits easier in this purse (which is more pliable) than in my other Mini Mac. It's like a puzzle, but believe me, it fits. I haven't noticed any scratches on the aluminum either.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac contents

In the front zipper I keep some small things. To be honest, I always forget that I have stuff in there. I have some bobby pins, hair ties, another lady product (you just never know), Tums, a nail file, and a mirror that I forgot I had. Just things that I don't need all the time, but are nice to have on hand.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac interior

That's everything that fits inside!

I also wanted to mention that this purse did not come with a dust bag (my other one didn't either). Bummer, and I even contacted Zappos about it, and they said there was nothing they could do. I was talking with a couple of RM lovers, and they said that all new RM bags are supposed to come with a dust bag, and that if this one didn't come with one, and my other one didn't either, that it may be possible that non-leather bags (maybe Mini Macs specifically) don't come with a dust bag. Don't quote me on that, though, it's just a theory. I know a similar one on the RM website said in the description that a dustbag came with it. It's a mystery.

What do you keep in your bag? What purse are you using? I love seeing everyone's bags.

One of these days I'll get a Rebecca Minkoff dust bag, but it is not this day.


  1. Love the color! I just bought the purple stripe canvas coated mini mac from the RM Labor Day sale ;) it arrived missing the dustbag so I called the company in NY and they happily mailed me a new dustbag! It doesn't match the interior but oh well. Hope that helps! :)