Top 5 Favorite Pink Nail Polishes

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pink Nail Polishes

Pink Nail Polishes

Reds, pinks, corals, etc. are probably some of the more popular shades. They look good on nearly everyone, and I believe that they add a little something to my hands when I have one of afformented shades on. Basically I really wanted to make a post about pink nail polish, and show you my favorite shades. They're so pretty!!!

You all know my love for NARS Orgasm, so I shouldn't have to say much more about it.

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi came out last year in the Holland collection. I'm actually wearing it right now, and I forgot how much I love this color.

My only issue with Essie Anniversary Gala is how shear it is. Maybe 3 coats, depending on how thick the coats are. It's an iridescent pink, and it reminds me a lot of the inside of a shell. You know, those shiny pretty ones?

Julep Freida is one of those shades that I fell in love with immediately. I've made several posts about it. I also I've also found a few close dupes to it. I'll have to buy some more nail wheels to do all of these comparison posts that I want to do. Apparently I'm all out. It's such a beautiful fuchsia, with silver shimmer.

Lastly is Models Own Tropical Sun. Just leave me with this color, and all is well.

Is there a color that you feel enhances your features, whether it's on your hands, toes, or face?

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