A plethora of bunnies

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I want to share a video I created with you guys. From time to time I make videos featuring my rabbits. As some of the older readers know, I have loads of bunnies. The following video showcases a few of the more charismatic ones. If you want to know more, there is a link above in the main navigation bar.

I had a bit of fun with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. The songs are (in order) Concerning Hobbits (Fellowship), The Dark Rider (Fellowship), and The Adventure Begins (The Hobbit).

The rabbits (in order of appearance): Dale and Chip (about a week old), Gemma, Emma, Chip and Dale (Chip is the brown one, they are 2.5 weeks old), Chip and Dale again at a month old, Gemma, a bunny does not have a name yet because he just showed up in our yard on Christmas Eve (I'm not joking), Zeke, and Iris.

Also, the chihuahua in the video is my mom's dog, Kloe. The two cats in the background is Magic and Olivia. Kali is the booger who swats at Chip. She's harmless. None of the rabbits are afraid of the animals, they're all pretty used to them. No rabbits, cats, or dogs were harmed or scared during the making of this film. Lots of curiosity though.

Hope I added some cute to your Saturday =)

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