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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With February right around the corner, it's time for me to start thinking about my *big* purse purchase of the year. I decided to limit myself after I bought my Kate Spade bag last year. Currently I'm undecided about waiting for the big Saks sale that happens around the 4th of July. The above are all from My other option is saving my money for a bit longer (in some cases definitely paying more) for one that wouldn't be for sale. I'll save those for a separate post.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac - Ever since I received my first Mini Mac I wanted another one. This particular color, Charcol, caught my eye. It's different from anything that I have currently, and I think it's such a neutral, and versatile color specially considering what I use my current Mini Mac for.

Kate Spade Andee - I am in love with her structured bags, and I like the simplicity of this one. One of those like at first sight type of things, which is how I choose all of my purchases. Bags don't grow on me, it has to be instant, and this one was one of those bags.

Rebecca Minkoff Luscious Studded Hobo - I was torn between the Nikki (not on and Luscious, but for some reason I was drawn more towards the Luscious. I've been wanting a slouchy bag for a while now, but I'm not 100% sure if I want it leather.

Kate Spade Leslie - I first saw this style at the Dooney Website. I really like the fold over flap, and the slouchiness of this bag. I'm not sold on the strap, so I may have to see this one in person first.

Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini - I've been wanting a bucket style satchel for a while now, but I wasn't sold on the LV Speedy, or any of the inspired by bags. I like the Mab way more, and the Mini is the perfect size for me. Plus I love the color.

Have you seen/own any of these bags? What bag are you lusting over currently?

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