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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Necklace Saver

I don't know about you guys, but I like to hoard necklaces in my purses. Whenever I have more than one in there, the "Magical Tangler Elf" appears, and causes the chains to get tangled together. That pesky little elf is the cause for many hours lost spent de-tangling the most obnoxious knots the necklaces could conjure. No lie. I have a necklace stand, and whenever it falls the 30+ pieces fuse into one huge mess.

This is where the Necklace Saver comes in. The idea is that you put have one saver per necklace, and in turn you have an organized heap of de-tangled chains. Best part is; it actually works.

Necklace Saver

Necklace Saver

This simple design comes in a variety of colors, and sizes (3 widths and 2 lengths):
1 inch- aqua coming soon2 inch- orchid (purple/pictured here)
3 inch- light pink
They are designed to fit necklaces up to 22" and 30" long.

Necklace Saver

Using the saver is super simple. First you slide the unclasped necklace into one of the holes found on either side of the saver. I find that you have to shimmy it down, and separate the fabric so it reaches all the way. Quite east to do.

Necklace Saver

Then you clasp the necklace and tie the ends together. This works for a variety of necklaces. Unfortunately it's not made for chunky costume jewelry, but those don't usually get tangled with each other anyway. It's the pesky chains that cause the Elf to work his magic.

I carried it around in my purse for a week, jumbled it around constantly, and not once did the saver become tangled with itself, or anything thing else in there. I even found a rogue necklace in there (which I had no idea was even in the purse), and it didn't get tangled with the saver.

I think this is great for traveling, or if you're like me, hanging around in your purse. It's also a great organizational tool. The see-through fabric allows for ease and ability to see what exactly is in side. This way you're not rummaging through hooks trying to get that one necklace out, that seems to be behind all the rest.

It is priced at $8.95, and found on

Seem a bit pricey? Well, a portion of every sale is donated orphanages around the world. Saving yourself a headache, and giving back!

How tangled up do your necklaces get? I know I always seem to be de-tangling something.

*Item kindly sent for review

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