Favorites of December

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nuetrogena Lip Gloss in Nutri Berry
I'm not a big lip product fan, but this lip gloss is quickly changing that. I bought it when Target was having a buy one Neutrogena product, get the second one half off. Totally worth it.

Nuetrogena Foundation in Natural Ivory
I originally wanted the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, but they were out of my color. I think I remember hearing that skin clearing makeup is a bit of a gimmick, but I don't know, I think this is actually helping a bit. I really like this foundation, it's light, the right shade for me, and it covers pretty well.

Pixi Eyeliner in Black Silk*
I have fallen in love with liquid eye liner because of this. I did a complete review on this product, so you can see my full thoughts on it there, but I use this more than my other eyeliner. I love the wear it has and the ease of application.

Boots Makeup remover wipes
I apparently have been using some crappy wipes before this. I usually use an astringent after removing my makeup, and it's pretty obvious at how much I missed. When I first tried these out (bought on a whim because I saw they were on sale), I wasn't expecting much due to my past experience. It takes off the majority of my makeup, eye and all, leaving just a small amount left over. I was so shocked, I fell in love immediately.

Boots Beautiful Skin Night Cream
Night creams are really important to me. Despite my extremely oily skin, I need some sort of moisture after I wash my face at night or it feels tight and dry. The smell has grown on me, and I really like how light this cream is. It feels like I don't have a lotion on when I go into bed, and when my face is glued to a pillow, that's a good thing.

Sally Hansen Wine Not
I used to be obsessed with reds. Over the past couple of years, that obsession fizzled out. When I reviewed the SH Insta Gel Strips I fell back into love, and have been wearing this color for the majority of the month. While I was reviewing that product, I went out and bought the bottle form of the color because I loved it so much. It's beautiful, and I really like the Complete Salon Manicures brushes, it's probably my favorite brush.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps
This has, no joke, been on my toes for the entire month. I think I took it off briefly to apply Wine Not, only to apply Ruby Pumps on top the next day (removal was horrific, I don't recommend doing that). I bought this color last year, but I didn't give it too much thought until now. Definitely a favorite for the holiday season.


Those are my favorites of December! I don't usually have monthly favorites, but I was thoroughly pleased with the products I tried/used this month. What are some of your favorites?

*-PR Sample

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