Thursday, December 15, 2011

I love Oui, if that wasn't obvious. I decided to make it into a french manicure!! I've been doing a frenchie for the past few days, and unfortunately I want a solid, plain color. I'm thinking about Chinchilly. It's such a nice grey.

OMG I am falling in love with Zoya colors. The only thing keeping me from ordering these nail polishes (aside for my ban) is that I HATE HATE HATE paying for shipping. I've always been like that. Whenever I would need another order from Clinique, I would wait for them to send me an e-mail saying that they had free shipping for the next few days. I think I'm going to save up, and buy a bunch of Zoya in bulk. I may wait and see if they do the same thing as they did last year for Earth Day. Idk, I just want a lot from them, and I want it to be worth it, with the whole shipping thing and all.

Do you like the Mickey ornament? I wanted a prop, and my mom just put this one on the tree. It's so cute! Here's another of my manicure:

So, until next time, Toodles!!


  1. The ornament is adorable! And I like Oui as a french, very nice.

  2. Thanks!! Oui is just a great color in general, and I love using other colors for a frenchie. I can already tell that Oui is going to be in my top 5 for his month.