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Monday, December 12, 2011

Such boring posts lately. No thought, or passion in them what so ever. What happened to me? Geeze... I decided to lift my spirits and wear 100% OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. <--- my go to movies, and nail polish. PERSONAL INFO ALERT!!! I used to be OBSESSED with these movies. I have all of the first 3 movie posters (kind of working on number 4), I also have the music from the first 3 (also kind of working on number 4). It was my favorite movie trilogy all through middle and high school. I can probably recite the first 3-5 minutes of the Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport commentary from the first movie. No lie, I was that crazy. Guess what I spent one summer doing? Watching that movie, it's commentaries, the version with the story boards, and with the script ever day! Yeah, nutso over here.

So, to lighten my mood from the stress of finals and life, I decided to do this:

My slanted tip in Silver Shatter on top of Mermaid's Tears. On my toes is Sparrow Me The Drama, which has been on for about 2 weeks not.

I love these colors, the whole collection just speaks to my teen years, as you can clearly tell from the paragraph above. Yup, I didn't feel like cropping or adding a water mark. Lazy? Yes. Should I be studying for my Philosophy final? Yes. It is what it is, and this blog post is the result of it. So lovely right? This little blog is better off than my rabbit one. I have a litter of one week olds and I haven't even posted pictures there!!!! You guys at least get some sort of post.

With that being said, expect some uber cute baby pictures in 2 weeks, that's when they're at the cute age ♥


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