Memory lane via nail polish

Thursday, November 10, 2011

If someone where to ever fall in love with a nail polish, it would be me. I'm not one to go towards the higher brands, I admit, I am picky when it comes to nail polish. There are several brands I'll go to, but most of the drugstore I wont touch if I was paid (ok, maybe a little poke). Call me a nail polish snob if you will, but I do have my limits.

I was reading a blog, an I saw Rescue Nail Polish in Pepto Pink, and I decided to poke around, and see what else they had. OMG!!! I saw Pizzicato and Poco a Poco and they just spoke to me. I played the violin from 6th grade until I graduated. I first saw the expression poco a poco in middle school, and I loved the meaning; "little by little". I've only actually seen it on sheet music once. Then pizzicato is, of course, plucking the string. There was a song that we played that the English translation was "Raindrops". I actually got off my lazy butt, and looked through my sheet music to find the name of the song, it's called "Amadare", and it's by Japanese composer Keiko Yamada. Parts of the song are supposed to sound like raindrops, that's where the pizzicato comes in.

Point of all this is to simply say: I love the colors, I love the names, and I will get these two colors no matter what.

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