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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend, I had a pretty chill weekend, but now it's back to work (yay for schedules posts!). I decided to end my essentials series here, since I've basically run out of things that are essentials to my life. If you have any suggestions for this series, let me know! I would love to continue.

I previously posted my daily makeup essentials, and my non-makeup essentials. Today, I bring to you my essential nail items. Other than nail polish which change contently (aside from my favorites, but I don't consider them essentials).

Revlon Liquid Quick Dry & Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops

My quick dries are staples. I'm impatient, and I've taken a break from quick dries for a while, partly because I threw them all out. Currently I am in between these two, loving both I usually just grab whichever is closest.

Sally Hansen Vita Surge Cuticle Gel

When I use pure acetone my cuticles, and nails, feel and look so dry. I typically rub some of this onto my nails and fingers to add some moisture. I usually add on another color right after I take one off, so I don't want to put a lotion. I really like the way it smells too, it's really citrusy.

Nail Polish Remover in a jar

I'm not really partial to any brand, this one was just cheap and on the way home one night. I hate using cotton balls, especially when I'm taking of any shade of red. It usually gets all over my fingers, which requires another cotton ball. The sponge inside the jar just makes everything easier, and less messy.

Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub

It's a sugar scrub that does an amazing job at softening my hands. I did a review of this stuff some months ago. My thoughts haven't changed, I still love it. I'm trying to make it last until next year when the Zoya Earth Day promotion comes around. I do plan on repurchasing it. Maybe even two bottles, we'll see.

I wish I could have included a hand cream, but to be honest, there isn't one that I'm partial too. Mostly I just grab one of the bottles I have lying around. I haven't found my holy grail of hand creams yet. Any suggestions? I'm serious, I could actually use a good hand cream.

What are some of your nail/hand essentials? Share your secrets!!

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