"Its the golden ticket!"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ashley - Ellie - Nessa - Sheryl - Sarah - Kylie (magnetic) - Fina

My mom woke me up and brought my maven box in to show me saying "you have the golden ticket". I opened my eyes and shot up looking for my glasses lol. She was holding a gold Julep Maven box. That only means one thing. Mind you, she has no idea what the golden box means, she just pointed out the box was gold. Each month Julep upgrades 100 maven boxes to a golden box. No one knows who is going to get it, so its a surprise! Usually the golden boxes are worth at least $100. Inside my box was each of the products that was included in the Maven boxes.

To be honest, I suspected it in the back of my mind after I read "shipping times vary on weight", and my box had been missing since the 29th. I figured my luck couldn't possible be that great. Thank you life in proving myself wrong in a good way.

Julep is having issues with defective brushes lately. These are my brush results:

Brushes that are wonky: Ashley, Sheryl, Kylie, Fina
Brushes that are good: Ellie, Nessa, Serah 
On to the pictures!!

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