Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you check the clearance beauty section?

If not, you should! I found these little beauties amidst the clutter of beauty rejects. This is my second time finding Essie in those bins. First it was French Affair. Love love love to this day!

First is Wicked, which is this deep blood red color that will be perfect for fall. I only have one dark red, and that's OPI Lincoln Park After Dark which usually comes off as black. Wicked was originally $7.99 and was reduced to $2.06. You can tell it was used just by looking at the cap.

Next is Vermillionaire, this bright pinkish orange. This color was originally $7.79 and was dropped to $1.96. This one you can also tell was used. Someone made a mess of the inside. Neither of them have crazy amounts of product missing, and to be honest, you can hardly tell they were used. I assume they were swatched, rejected, and returned. That's perfectly fine, makes me happy!

Moral of the story: Check the clearance area!!!

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