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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush

To be honest I've had this for a while now. I purchased it on iFabbo thinking it was a pet hair remover. Then I read the package, and was under the impression that it was mainly for cashmere sweaters, which I do not own (and not for pet hair remover). Que the everlasting guilt every time I logged into iFabbo to submit a review.

Earlier this week I looked more into it, and realized that they're both right (yeah, let's just ignore my blatant ignorance and paranoia). Finally I am reviewing this bad boy, which has been living in my drawer waiting to be reviewed.

I have animals, that's no secret. 1 cat, 1 dog, and more rabbits than need mentioning. One thing I am never in short supply with is fur.

It's not the smallest item, just shy of 7" long, and 3cm in diameter. It fits well in a larger bag though, and is a hand item to carry around if you're like me, and don't even think about de-linting yourself before leaving the house.

Lilly Brushv

The easiest thing it removes is my rabbit's fur, which is very wooly, and soft. The brush picks it up with ease, and only requires one run over the area. Much better than the sticky rollers, which can become full after the first few runs. As for fur that tends to be more coarse, like dog fur, I recommend removing the fur from the brush before each pass. The bristles don't grab onto the strands as easily, and they get knocked off.

My mom suggested that I test it out on her lamp shades (ploy to get me to clean them for her? Probably), and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It didn't remove ever little piece of hair, and after every pass I did have to pick the hair/fur out of the brush, but it did work really well on it. You can clearly see the clean vs dirty parts on the shade in the picture above.

Overall I think it's a great alternative to the sticky rollers, which can become a hassle (especially when there is no trashcan in site), and masking tape (which I used to use in high school). It looks nice, especially with the houndstooth print, and I like the grey one slightly more than the red.

Lilly Brush comes in two different colors; Red and Grey. It costs $12.95, and is available for purchase through their website, or through

*This is an iFabbo sample

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