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Friday, August 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Pink Possibilities

Maybelline Color Whisper Pink Possibilities

I talk about the Maybelline Color Whispers a lot, to the point where they probably should have their own tag, but I never really mention why I love them. I compare it to the revlon Lip Butters a lot, and I heard that the Whispers were supposed to be Maybelline's answer to the Lip Butters. But when I think about it, the Baby Lips could be that too, but I've never tried those.

I love the color. It's not opaque, but not too sheer. It's a happy medium, and as a non-lipstick wearing girl, I never go anywhere without it. That's saying a lot, actually. If that isn't enough I will take just this out with me, leaving my beloved Burt's Bees at home. *Gasp!* I know, shocker, but the Color Whispers are that moisturizing.

I love the packaging too. It's simple.

Wear is normal, I think. It doesn't stay on that long, but I didn't expect it too. It does transfer to a glass, or tissue paper. It's easy to put on, and I don't need a mirror, much like the Lip Butters.

I really recommend the Color Whispers, and if I had to choose between Lip Butters and the Color Whispers, I would choose the latter. I just didn't fall in love with any of my Lip Butters. I really want to try more, and you can be sure I'll let you know when I try them out/buy them. I see an obsession forming, guys. Watch out!

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