Zoya Cassi

Thursday, June 27, 2013

zoya cassi

zoya cassi swatch

zoya cassi swatch

I've been loving corals lately. Cassi is a beautiful color, and not quite as bright as other corals that I own. I hate photography corals, they hardly ever show up right for me on camera. I do believe I got this true to color. I tried, at least. None the less its a simple color with fine glitter. Application is a bit annoying; it's somewhat streaky, but not something that's completely unmanageable.

I've been avoiding corals for a while, because I always thought they looked horrible on me. But recently I've discovered a love for it. I really blame NARS Orgasm for this. I bought Cassi in April during their annual Earth Day sale.

Also, I swapped the old comment style Commentluv for Disqus. Commentluv kept messing up, and I would have to reinstall it often. Hopefully this one will be more consistent and you wont see it switch back and forth!

What color are you obsessed with? What Coral shades (any makeup type) do you suggest?

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  1. What a gorgeous color! It looks a little like Orgasm to me! I have been loving corals this summer too. I can't do anything too light, but bright is great! Have you tried China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy? I am dying to get that coral!