Non-crackle dupe for Julep Sabrina

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I was shuffling around the interwebs looking for a dupe for Sabrina, when I tell my husband that I want a non-crackle version of this color. He then precedes to open my nail polish drawer, and pull our China Glaze Riveting. What is a nail blogger to do? Swatch it of course! In the picture above, I have Julep Sabrina on top of CG Riveting. To the right of that is Riveting. To the right of Riveting, is Sabrina on top of Eloise which I posted about a few days ago.

How close are they? Well, the color is nearly identical. The finish is what is different. Aside from the obvious lack of crackle, Riveting has a shimmery finish to it, while Sabrina is a frost. They both have a gold/yellow sheen to it creating a semi-duochrome effect. They're different, but close enough to satisfy my cravings.

Do you know of another dupe for Sabrina, sans crackle? One that may be a closer match to Riveting?

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