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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Avon Peppermint Twist Candle

Avon Peppermint Twist Candle
My husband burnt it before I got around to taking pictures. To be fair to him, I've had it for like a month.

Peppermint and I are good old friend. It's easily my favorite scent, and flavor. Especially for this type of weather.
When I saw that Avon had come out with another candle line, I was a bit skeptical. The last one I tried was a tiny thing, that cost me $5 (normally $10), and it was horrible. No scent came off when it was burning, and I'm being generous when I say that half of it actually burned.

This one struck me as a Bath & Body Works type of candle, i.e. 3 wick and a decent size. It's cheaper at $9.99 for 11oz (14.5oz for $20 at BBW). I can't speak too much on burn time (claim is 30 hour), but the above picture is after about an hour.

The scent payoff is amazing. That's one of the reasons I love the BBW candles so much. They give off a rich aroma that's exactly what you smell in the jar. It fills the whole room up quickly, but isn't nauseating.

For this particular candle I was a bit disappointed with the scent itself. It doesn't smell like peppermint. Not even in the slightest. I was excited too, since the BBW peppermint ones are usually mixed with chocolate; a scent that doesn't go over too well with me. It smells more like cookies, or something else really sweet. Which actually makes sense given the description; "Peppermint sweetened with fluffy marshmallow and vanilla...". That's all true minus the peppermint. Either way, the scent is nice.

Do I recommend? As a whole, I actually do. These candles seem like they'll be great for the upcoming season, and do pack a punch. For this particular candle I can't recommend if you're looking for something with a pepperminty aroma to it. Definitely check them out, and maybe your Avon Representative can order you a sample pack so you can smell them all.

Peppermint Twist will be available soon.

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