OPI - Russian Navy Matte

Monday, January 9, 2012

I love applying this color. It opaque, and dries in seconds. It's a really nice "I need to leave right this minute" color. I had both hands done in 10 minutes. My issues with this color, which isn't obvious in the pictures, is how much it stains my fingers. It was pretty bad. I spent a good 45 minutes with a nail file (it was on the edge of my nail) and a nail clipper to scrape it off. It was pretty bad. Also, it went went satin over night. It make sense, all of the oils in my hands went on my nails and altered it. Not too bad though. It didn't chip as bad as I expected, which is a major plus!

Remember, no base or top coat for this one.

I picked up this one at Publix for $7.89. I love Publix.

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