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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik

My quest for quick dries continues! I took a brief hiatus for a while, settling on my ever so faithful Revlon Liquid Quick Dry. It has since been all used up, and because Target refuses to stock them, and the other place that I know of that has them is like 20-30 minutes away, I went on the hunt to find another method of fast drying.

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer is a simple quick dry that is used just like the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry. Just brush it on your nails, and it'll be dry to the tough in as little as 60 seconds. It does do this, and as expected it dries completely faster than not having anything on at all.

Comparing the two, there are a few things that I like about the Sally Hansen bottle than the Revlon. They're pretty close as far as quality, and both give very similar results. The Sally Hansen Dry Kwik isn't as greasy as the Revlon Quick Dry, although still pretty runny on its own. I also like the brush more on the Dry Kwik even though the two brushes separate when too much pressure is applied. Lightness is key. For comparisons sake the Revlon brush tends to get stuck together, but I have no idea why. All three of my bottles have done this.

Overall I really like the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik. It's effective, doesn't make too much of a mess, and easy to find in stores (major plus for me). Do I recommend it? Yes! More so than the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry, which I have sworn by for years. Ladies, and gents, I may have found my holy grail quick dry. The hunt is still on for the quick dry top coat though, unfortunately. It looks like Seche Vite may win out in the end despite that pesky warning label.

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  1. Nice product. I have the revlon quick dry too, but i find that the brush is very thin and annoying. I'm glad that you can recommend an alternative for it because i am nearly finishing my revlon one ^^

    Have a nice evening <3

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