Favorites of September!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Woo! I actually have a couple of favorites this month. It hardly happens, normally it's empties, or rediscoveries. I feel like this month went by so slowly.

First off: Kate Spade purse
I have been looking for a structured purse for a while now. This one is beautiful. It's a tote style without any type of closure; it's main downfall. I can review it, and go into detail if you wish, I have just been LOVING this bad boy. It is the Wellesley Elena in Porcelain. I bought mine at an outlet for half off (steal!). My favorite details on this bag are the pink and red polka dot lining, and the rivets with spades indented in them.

Essie Size Matters
A toe staple this month! I have yet to switch to something else.

Mark Help Wanted
My favorite face wash of all time. It's an exfoliating cleanser that lathers up real nice. It works wonders on my skin, and it's always a pleasure when I revert back to using it.

Mark Self Sanctuary
I love this body wash so much. The smell is something that needs to be smelled, rather than described, and it's the only wash that the scent actually stays on my skin afterwards. I use this when I need a real pick-me-up, and it is just a luxurious experience.

Nail polish remover jar
This one is a generic one. I love how easy it is to remove the polish without having a multitude of cotton balls lying around. I do not use this for glitter, though. Too messy!

Kate Spade wallet
It is the Grant Park Stacey in Eggplant. Love this little wallet. It's a simply bifold, with plenty of slots for my cards, and 4 pockets for easy access with a zipper on the back. I recommend trying the sipper first, I had issues with the one I bought so I brought it back, and 2 others in the store were having issues. Yikes! Not good when you're paying $100 for a wallet (mine was half off [$40-someting], they were having a good sale).

Suave Professionals hairspray
I love this line. I also have the dry shampoo, and they both smell amazing! They go well together if I happen to use them both. This is the only thing that will prevent the baby hairs from sticking up. It wont tame them if they're already up, but they help prevent them from sticking out like I rubbed a balloon on my head. Drives me insane.

Solid Shampoo - Basin
I am loving solid shampoo in general. Right now I'm using a lemony one from Basin. I need to pick up more.. I end up only using this every other day, and it makes my hair look so alive, and smooth.

Guerlain Meteorites
I love these little balls. I want to buy another one (so expensive!), since this one is probably about 4+ years old. There still is a lot left, too! It sets my makeup, and it has a really nice scent to it. If you can smell these bad boys, do it. It's really pleasant and not over powering in the slighest.

I also have a manicure of the month, which is this one: Clicky!

What are some of your favorites? Have you had any rediscovered favorites?

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